Sound Fitted Large Prairies

Posted by Warren Bennett on

DCC Sound OO Gauge Dapol Large Prairies 2-6-2 tanks have arrived into stock today!
Sound, DCC Fitted and DCC Ready versions can be ordered at the below link:
DCC Sound Price - £246.45 (FREE UK POSTAGE)
DCC Fitted - £145.99 (FREE UK POSTAGE)
DCC Ready - £119.60 (FREE UK POSTAGE)
The 5101 class of large prairie locomotives were updated versions of the 3100 class and built between 1929 and 1939 which included the 6100 series, with a higher boiler pressure and designed for London suburban services. The final built between 1946 and 1949 with the last twenty not receiving Great Western livery.
During December 1965 the last eleven locomotives were withdrawn all being from the 6100 batch. Dapol shall be manufacturing these models from the early 1930's when cab side shutters were added.

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