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Sonic Models N Gauge Class 56xx 0-6-2T Locomotives Arrive!

Today, the first 56xx models have arrived with the balance due tomorrow.

We will begin to process and despatch pre-orders tomorrow.

Limited stock remaining.
Order now to secure yours.

With a limited run of each variant, now is the time to order. One version is already sold out and several other versions are close to selling out on pre-orders.

A total of 12 variants have now been announced. These are available to pre-order exclusively at Rails.

Order Yours Today For £109.95 each

The models feature coreless motors, NEM 6 pin decoder socket, NEM couplers, original or later style driving wheel balance weights, Swindon or Armstrong (NE) safety valves, detailed cab interior and accessory detail pack.

The complete list of 12 models is as follows:

  • S2101-01 – 5637. BR lined green, late crest. (SOLD OUT ON PRE-ORDERS)
  • S2101-01A – 5643. BR lined green, late crest. New.
  • S2101-02 – 6681. BR lined green late crest (small) weathered.
  • S2101-03 – 5633. BR unlined green, late crest.
  • S2101-04 – 6639. BR unlined black, early emblem.
  • S2101-04A – 5619. BR unlined black, early emblem. New.
  • S2101-05 – 5616. GW unlined green with GWR shaded lettering.
  • S2101-06 – 6623. GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering.
  • S2101-06A – 6671. GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering. New.
  • S2101-07 – 5609. GW unlined green with shirtbutton logo. New.
  • S2101-08 – 6602. BR unlined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS letting. New.
  • S2101-09 – 5644. GW Unlined green with plain GWR block lettering. New.

Rails of Sheffield is now handling all orders and fulfilment of these models exclusively. (Customers who have already ordered via Revolution Trains, these orders will continue to be processed and despatched by Revolution Trains)

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