‘Small Prairie’ CADs

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Rapido Trains UK have provided CAD images for the planned range of OO Gauge ‘44XX’, ‘45XX’ and ‘4575’.

Some comments from Rapido provided below for each image.

Look out for more info and the range in the near future.

Here is the very first take on our new '44XX'. We ask you not to judge it too harshly because there are myriad details that are in the wrong place - but we think it certainly looks like a 'Small Prairie', which is always a good start!

This is nominally the early version of the '45XX', complete with the square drop-ends in front of the cylinders and porthole cab windows.

This is the 'late' version with curved frames and cab side shutters.

There are also two distinctive versions of the '4575': this is the early version (if you ignore the raised bunker rear)...

...whereas this is the later style with cab side shutters. Of course, this one should have the raised bunker. Moving swiftly along...

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