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Revolution Trains N Gauge Class 313 / 314 Multiple Units now available to pre order from Rails of Sheffield! Take a look below, each priced at £269.95.

Versions covered numerous liveries such as Scotrail, Network SouthEast and SilverLink. Expected Q1-Q2 2024.
Above photos provided by N Gauge News

Model features:
  • highly detailed 3 car electric multiple unit
  • working, directional lights (with different appropriate styles for each version - original or revised)
  • user switchable lighting functions
  • low profile drive unit (in centre car)
  • kinematic close coupling with electrical connections between cars
  • detailed interior
  • realistic pantograph
  • DCC decoder socket (next 18)
  • Fine wheelsets to NMRA RP25 standards

Prototype information:

The Class 313 and 314 are part of the PEP (Prototype Electro Pneumatic) family of units and were based on designs developed in the early 1970s for a new type of commuter train. The main fleet built between 1976 and 1981 comprised Classes 313 (Great Northern), 314 (Scottish region), 315 (Great Eastern), 507 (Merseyside) and 508 (Southern, then Merseyside) units. The class 313 introduced innovative features such as Tightlock couplers and sliding doors, and were the first British units to incorporate both pantograph and third rail pick ups. The class 313s were the oldest units in service on the mainland at withdrawal in 2023.
Also available to pre order now are our EXCLUSIVE Class 313 / T7 Sets:
Also now available to pre order from Rails are the N Gauge Borail, Mullet, Parr & Super Tench wagons. 11 twin packs can be pre ordered for £94.95 each. Expected Q1 2024
Prototype information:

165 vacuum braked Borails were built to diagrams 1/482 and 1/483 in the late 1950s. The Borails were built with 8' plate bogies and vacuum brakes.

Our model features:

  • twin packs of two different numbered wagons
  • Highly accurate N gauge model, 1:148 scale on 9mm track
  • Accurate detail differences – buffers/bogies/brakegear
  • Minimum Radius 2nd Radius
  • RP25 profile N gauge wheels
  • Kinetic NEM coupler sockets mounted on the body

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