Rapido's AA20 Toad Brake Van

Posted by Oliver Davies on

The orderbook for the non-Titfield versions of Rapido's Diagram AA20 'Toad' Brake Vans is now open! 

The models are in tooling and there are ten versions for you to choose from:

  • 918001: No. 114765, Hereford Barton, GW grey (large)
  • 918002: No. 68777, Newton Abbot, GW grey (large)
  • 918003: No. 68784, East Depot, GW grey (large)
  • 918004: No. 17295, small GWR lettering
  • 918005: No. 68764, small GWR lettering
  • 918006: No. W68868, Leamington, WR grey with BR number.
  • 918007: No. W114751, Worcester R.U.,BR grey
  • 918008: No. W114764, Yeomil Pen Mill RU, BR grey
  • 918009: No. DW17247, WR (Departmental) grey
  • 918010: No. DW17244, Engineer’s yellow, ZXO TOPS code

All are available to pre-order now from Rails for £33.95 each


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