Rapido UK New Wagon Plans

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Rapido Trains UK have announced plans to produce a range of OO Gauge GWR five-plank opens. They are set to produce Diagram O11 and the Diagram O15 models, with colourised renders available to view with this post.

Like most of Rapido's stream-era goods wagons, these new GWR opens have been designed in the UK. They feature full external, internal and underframe details. Design work is finished and we expect to start tooling early in the new year. Liveries and running numbers are still TBC, further news expected very soon!


Rapido Trains have announced more wagons in the pipeline with OO Gauge GWR 'Mink As'.

Rapido are planning GWR Diagram V14 (which had vacuum brakes) and the Diagram V16 (unfitted) 'Mink As'

Tooling to start in the new year with liveries and running numbers TBC.

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