Rapido UK Announce N Gauge SECR Wagon Packs!

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N Gauge SECR Wagon Packs ORDER NOW

Rapido Trains UK scales down four SECR wagons to ‘N’ gauge.

One common question that we get asked is: when are you going to produce your SECR wagons in ‘N’? We can answer that one right now: we are!

We’ve got the factory to not only scale down our Dia. 1349 five-plank open, our Dia. 1355 seven-plank open and our Dia. 1426 van but also the six wheel dual-veranda brake van too.

Just because these wagons are ‘N’ gauge doesn’t mean that we’ve skimped on the detail.

The starting point are the ‘Freight Train Packs’. These contain 1x Dia. 1349 five-plank, 1x Dia. 1355
seven-plank, 1x Dia. 1426 van and 1x dual veranda brakevan.
Pre order the Freight Train Packs for £84.95 (RRP £99.95).

Rapido have  then grouped the five-plank, the seven-plank and the 12t van into triple packs. They’re available in the main livery options and each wagon will have its own unique running number. Pre order these triple packs for £59.45 (RRP £69.95).

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