Rapido SECR 5 & 7 plank wagons

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Rapido Trains UK next expected release the SECR 5 & 7 Plank Wagons are currently on the way from China. A small numbers have been received in the UK in advance for Rapido's viewing. They will be sharing more on these ranges later this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you haven't pre ordered yours make sure to do so soon, as pre order is starting to run low on certain lines, you can order these below:

SECR 5 Plank Wagons


SECR 7 Plank Wagons


Remember also to pre order the recently announced SECR Wagons

SECR Dia 1426 Vans ORDER NOW

SECR Dia 1744 Wagons ORDER NOW

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