Rapido OO V14/V16

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Four generations of liveries on Rapido Trains UKs upcoming OO Gauge GWR V14 and V16 vans.
From the top we have 25", then 16" GW lettering, post-'36 and post-42' GW, followed by BR unfitted freight grey and vacuum-braked bauxite livery.

Currently being shipped to the UK now, limited numbers left available to pre order with many versions sold out at Rapido

27 wagons to be released in this range. 

Priced at £27.95 each (RRP £32.95)


Our GWR Dia. V14 & V16 vans boast an impressive spec:
  • Two types of roof style
  • Two types of door
  • Different brake equipment
  • Spoked or disc wheels running in metal bearings
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • UK designed
  • Fine detailed plastic bodies/chassis with metal parts

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