Rapido OO RCH 5 and 7 Plank Wagons

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Rapido Trains UK unveils first-ever ‘OO’ gauge models of 1907 Railway Clearing House private owner wagons.

Rapido Trains UK is to add some of the railway’s unsung heroes to its range of ‘OO’ gauge wagons: five- and seven-plank open wagons to the Railway Clearing House’s 1907 standards.

The Railway Clearing House was formed in 1842 and would go on to manage the flow of wagons between railway companies, standardise mileage rates and even provided neutral ground for railway managers to meet.

It issued a set of standards for goods wagon design in 1907, which were used by railway companies and wagon builders alike. Many thousands of private owner wagons were built to the RCH standards (which were revised in 1923) and many lasted until BR started to phase out wooden-bodied wagons in the 1960s. Those in industrial service continued to earn their keep until much later.

The RCH’s 1923 open wagon design has been produced by many different ‘OO’ gauge manufacturers over the years but the original 1907 design has never been produced before in ‘OO’.

Pre order today, a huge 34 models to choose from in this initial run. Expected to be released Early 2024.

Priced at £27.95 each (RRP £32.95)


Our 1907 RCH open wagons boast an impressive spec:

  • Two body styles: five-plank and seven-plank with end doors
  • Ribbed- or smooth-tapered buffers
  • Square, rounded or Ellis axleboxes
  • Straight or bent ‘V’ hangers
  • Split- or solid-spoke wheels running metal bearings
  • Single- or double-sided brakes
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • UK designed
  • Fine detailed plastic bodies/chassis with metal parts

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