Rapido Dynamometer Decorated Samples

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Rapido Trains UK have shown off advanced decorated sample shots of the 2nd batch of OO Gauge LNER Dynamometer Cars, current estimations put these down for a release over the next few months, these are expected to be shipped to Rapido at the end of this month.

As expected pre order sales have been very strong, make sure to get yours on order today! 

Pre Order at £118.95 (RRP £139.95)

LNER Dynamometer Car No. 23591, LNER teak finish with lining.

LNER Dynamometer Car No. 905202, post-1946 LNER teak with lining.

LNER Dynamometer Car No. E905202 in British Railways faux teak finish with BR Gill Sans lettering

Along with these models is another Dynamometer exclusive to Rails Of Sheffield. The BR Maroon model can also be pre ordered, price £139.95. As with the LNER Teak models production is limited so pre-ordering is highly recommended.

Dynamometer Car in BR Maroon livery No. E902502

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