🎉 Rapido Announce New RCH 7 Plank Wagons

Posted by Jack Morgan on

With Rapido's newly tooled RCH 1907 5 & 7-plank wagons due to arrive on the shelves in March, they have announced an expansion to this comprehensive range in the form of a new body tooling - covering 7-plank wagons with side doors!

A whopping 29 variations are to be produced in this new batch covering:


£27.95 each

RRP: £32.95

Product Features:

  • Finely detailed plastic bodies/ chassis with metal parts
  • New body tooling for 7 plank vehicles with side doors
  • Many tooling variations including ribbed/ smooth tapered buffers; Square, rounded or Ellis axleboxes; Straight or bent 'V' hangers and Single or Double sided brakes
  • Split or solid-spoked wheels with metal bearings
  • NEM tension lock couplings

Product Photos:

Private Owner Liveries

LBSCR > SR Liveries

GNR > LNER Liveries

SECR > SR Liveries

Big Four Themed "What if?" Liveries

BR EX-Private Owner Liveries

War Department Livery


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