Rails Limited EXCLUSIVE MC Metals Wagon Pack

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Rails Limited EXCLUSIVE 21 Ton BR Wagon Pack (MDV/PMV) MC Metals Livery OO Gauge

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Limited Edition BR 21T MDV / PMV Triple Wagon Pack in MC Metals Livery
The pack will contain three individually numbered wagons in MC Metals livery.
• CHR 4630
• CHR 4634
• CHR 4637
• Limited Edition certificate
In this guise they transported scrap metal to the steel works at Ravenscraig, just north of Glasgow, and so are an ideal accompaniment to our forthcoming British Steel PTA wagons.
Common features:
• Pack of three wagons, each with individual numbers
• NEM standard coupler pockets
• Narrow tension lock couplers included
• RP25.88 darkened profile sets with 14.85mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoint
• Metal 3-hole disc wagon wheels on metal axles - 12.6mm
• Designed for easy conversion to P4 and EM gauges
• Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts and sprung buffers
• Individual lettering and codes from real wagons for authenticity

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