Exclusive Rapido SECR 7-Plank Wagons

Posted by Jack Morgan on

secr early wagons

Rapido have shared production sample images for our new & exclusive range of SECR & Southern Railway themed 7-plank open wagons!

Three triple-packs are available to pre-order in these unique SECR & SR liveries, available only at Rails of Sheffield. These are a must-have to pair with your other Southern region items, including Rapido's SECR 6-wheel brake vans.

£99.95 (3-Pack)



Product Features:

    • All-new Rapido RCH 1907 Private owner wagon tooling
    • Variations for different bodystyles, wheels and more
    • Separately fitted parts including handbrake lever, coupling hook and more
    • Robust and heavy chassis
    • NEM tension lock couplings

    secr late wagons

    sr wagons

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