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Back in June Rails of Sheffield announced a new range of OO Gauge GWR Great Western Q13 Inspection Saloon produced by Dapol in the Black Label brand, which is Dapol's premium product brand. Today we can present to you new samples for these Inspection Saloons!

The below six versions have had new sample photos and are all available to pre-order.

Experience the precision and quality of Dapol's premium Black Label. This model is crafted to the highest standard and includes the latest specifications. They feature iconic liveries including chocolate and cream, blue and grey and scotrail. Delicately detailed with lettering, markings, and fine features to ensure its realistic representation, this model is the perfect addition to any collection.


Features include:

  • Warm White Interior light bar
  • 18 pin DCC socket
  • Directional red/warm white lamp fitted at 1 end
  • Stay-alive capacitor
  • Plug-less light bar connection
  • Light switches for DC use
  • Several different body and end variations
  • Removable roof to allow further detailing
  • Separately fitted cables, wipers, lamp irons, horns & gong
  • Open windows with separate moulded curtains
  • Gloss metal-like paint finish
  • Diecast chassis
  • Cosmetic pipes and coupling fitted on 1 end
  • Sprung buffers
  • NEM sockets
  • Highly detailed bogies with separately fitted details
  • Blackened DOGA spec. wheels
  • EM & P4 compatible
  • Separately fitted detailed chairs, tables and luggage racks
  • Accurate blue interior base and white ceiling
There are six version available to pre-order.
These superbly detailed coaches are priced at £149.95.
They can be ordered exclusively from Rails of Sheffield. 
With a limited production run, pre-ordering is highly recommended. Pre-Order now with just a £20 deposit.


Whereas most Inspection Saloons were converted from older vehicles, the Q13 were purpose-built examples. They were shorter than most other coaches built around the time, standing at 52ft long.

Although designed by the Great Western Railway under the tenure of then CME, F.W. Hawksworth, the Diagram Q13 saloons didn’t enter traffic until shortly after the Nationalisation Act of 1948.

7 of the type were built at Swindon works in 1948 with many characteristics of the later GWR coaches.

Inspection saloons, otherwise known as Engineer’s Saloons, were used as a means of assessing the track and infrastructure over a large area in a relatively short amount of time. This necessitated large windows on both ends of the coach. They weren’t fitted with any controls other than a vacuum brake and speedometer. But they were even fitted out with kitchens.

All 7 examples have been preserved and restored to working order. They are very popular being used as observation saloons for a small supplementary fare. At the time of writing, they can be seen at the following railways:

80943 – Dean Forest Railway

80969 – Severn Valley Railway

80970 – Great Central Railway

80972 – Severn Valley Railway

80974 – North Yorkshire Moors Railway

80975 – Llangollen Railway

80976 – Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway (on loan from the West Somerset Railway)

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