Peco/Kato 009 Small England - Now In Stock!

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Peco/Kato 009 0-4-0 Festiniog Railway Small England

Now In Stock!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the 009 Peco/Kate Festiniog Railway "Small England" 0-4-0 models. With the news of the models arrival last week sales have been fantastic for these lovely little models. With "Prince" very close to selling out with "Princess" not far behind!.

LOW STOCK 009 Festiniog Railway "Small England" 0-4-0 tender locomotive "Prince"


009 Festiniog Railway "Small England" 0-4-0 tender locomotive "Princess"


The 009 "Small England" features:

• Detailed and glossy paint scheme
• Narrow gauge ready-to-run locomotive - 009, 1:76 scale, 9mm gauge track
• Available as two versions: "Prince" and "Princess" in lined maroon livery
• Separate locomotive chassis also available - supplied with detachable unpainted body moulding for protection
• DC (analogue) coreless motor fitted within loco body giving smooth and reliable running
• Loco and tender electrically connected - pick ups on front loco axles and two tender axles. Inner axle of loco fitted with traction tyres
• Will comfortably negotiate 9inch/229mm radius curves
• Fully decorated with fine lining and small details
• Separate moulding supplied for handrails, etc
• Supplied fitted with standard PECO 009 coupling, Arnold N gauge couplings supplied separately
• Please note: DCC operation is technically possible but no provision has been made for this in the model due to limited available space.
Both the Prince and Princess are powered by a newly designed coreless motor drive which operates the two powered axles - one of which is fitted with a traction tire. Electrical pickup is present both under the locomotive as well as the tender, and the engines will come with PECO couplers making them compatible with PECO's line of 009 Scale products!
The Small England engines are the first 4 steam locomotives of the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales. They were build by George England & Co in South London in 1863, followed by two ‘large Englands’ in 1867. They were originally built as 0-4-0 side tank locos and modified gradually over the years into their final and most iconic form with saddle tank, enclosed cab and a tender for coal, as depicted by our model. 4 of the 6 England engines survive and three of those are still in service, still on the Ffestiniog Railway.•

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