😮 Peco Announce NEW OO9 Hudson 'Rugga' V-Skip Wagons

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Peco have announced a new batch of their super popular OO9 Narrow Gauge 'Rugga' V-Skip hopper wagons, with release expected in the next week or so!

Many narrow gauge industrial railways would operate a rake or two of these "Hudson"-style V Skip Hopper Wagons. Peco have previously released these wagon triple packs in brown and grey, and now  are pleased to offer them in equally-authentic yellow and green colours. 

Running on metal-tyred wheels and carrying simple unlettered liveries, these wagons will undoubtedly benefit from a bit of weathering to make them truly workmanlike. Modellers can mix-and-match the colours on their layouts for true authenticity.

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Product Features

Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts

Metal tyred wheels

Simple but authentic liveries - perfect for customisation/ weathering

Standard OO9 couplings

Prototype Information

Rugga wagons
Image by Robin Webster

The V-skip wagon was a ubiquitous vehicle on narrow gauge lines, used for carrying raw materials such as coal, stone and chalk to where it was needed or to be transferred to a standard gauge wagon.

The history of skip wagons on narrow gauge railways is not widely recorded, as they were regarded very much as a means to an end, no more important than wheelbarrows or dumper trucks. In 1875 Hudson patented the side tipping, or ‘skip’, wagon, usually known as the Victory range. The distinctive ‘V’ shape enabled the wagon to be empted to either side, this action being either manual or triggered mechanically.

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