OO Gauge VIX Ferry Van

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Rapido have announced that they are producing a ‘OO’ gauge model of BR'S Diagram 1/227 Ferry Van, better known by its TOPS code 'VIX'.

This project is already at the Engineering Prototype stage and we’re really pleased with it. It’ll be the first Rapido UK project that shows off the level of underframe detail that Rapido is famous for. 
12 versions are available to pre-order:
  • 910001: Dia. 1/227 No. B786873, BR bauxite 
  • 910002: VIX No. GB787298, BR bauxite 
  • 910003: VIX No. B787213, BR bauxite, Ferry Link logo)
  • 910004: RBX No. B787170, BR bauxite
  • 910005: VIX No. GB787252, Railfreight red/grey
  • 910006: ZSX No. DB787181, Railfreight red/grey 
  • 910007: RBX No. B707178, Railfreight red/grey 
  • 910008: VIX No. 21 70 2380 249-9, Railfreight International red/grey
  • 910009: ZSX No. B786980, Engineer’s ‘Dutch’
  • 910010: ZRX No.DB787218, S&T olive
  • 910011: ZYX No. LDB786913, Engineer’s olive
  • 910012: ZJX No. KDB787210, S&T ‘Satlink’ red/yellow


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