OO Gauge HAA Hoppers

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Accurascale's first batch of OO Gauge HAA Hopper wagons are due to arrive at Accurascale next week! We will be sure to update customer's when we expect these to arrive to Rails.



Six packs expected, available to pre order today at £74.95 for a triple pack, with FREE UK POSTAGE!



Being the first release of the original bodied HAA complete with hopper cross members in OO/4mm, these beautiful hopper wagons have of course been given a wealth of detail in keeping with "The Accurascale Way", including beautifully rendered sprung oleo buffers (with OLEO clearly legible stamped as per prototypes) beautifully rendered brake gear, hopper unlocking mechanism and more.

They also will be the first Accurascale wagons to run with brass bearings, insuring beautifully smooth running characteristics.

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