O Gauge Mk1 General Utility Vans

Posted by Warren Bennett on

New run of O gauge Mk1 General Utility Vans (GUVs) in preparation for 2022 release to complement the new Mk1 CCT van.


This new batch will complement the first releases of the forthcoming Mk1 Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) 4w van, allowing 7mm scale modellers to assemble authentic BR era parcels, newspaper and mail trains.
And in response to customer demand there will be further variations of the BR Blue versions plus a trio of departmental and Sector era vehicles. Clean versions priced at £169.15 with weathered at £186.15.
#4986 Satlink Western red/yellow KDB977557 (BR1 bogies)
#4987 BR Blue Mk1 GUV W86370 faded/weathered (BR1 bogies)
#4988 BR Blue 'Newspapers' Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)
#4989 Rail express systems red/grey NOX unnumbered (Commonwealth bogies)
#4990 BR Royal Mail red NJX unnumbered (BR1 bogies)
#4992 BR Blue Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)
#4993 BR Blue 'Express Parcels' Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)
#4994 BR(S) Green Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)

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