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Revolution Trains N Gauge
35T Class A/B Tanks
MTV/ZKV Zander Wagons

•Expected Q4 2022 - Q1 2023•

Two new batches of wagons are available to pre order from Rails of Sheffield today! Previously these models were only available to order exclusively with Revolution Trains.
Single wagons can be pre ordered at £26.95, Twin Packs for £53.90 and Triple Packs for £80.85. 

N Gauge 35T Class A Tanks

Following on from the previously announced Class B Tanks (seen at the bottom of the page) Revolution Trains have used the same common wagon chassis to produce the similar Class A tanks and the MTV/ZKV Zander box wagons. The Class A tanks were introduced in the mid 1950s and lasted in use into the 1990s using a common chassis as the Class B tanks but with a longer barrel as the liquid is a lighter fuel.


N Gauge MTV/ZKV Zander Box Wagons
MTV Box Wagons - VIEW HERE
ZKV Zander Wagons - VIEW HERE
During the 1970s some of the tank chassis were re-used to create MTV aggregate box wagons which became ZKV ‘Zander’ box wagons in Departmental use. The MTV/ZKV Zander wagons were built in 1975 by Standard Wagon works to diagram 1/193 (lot number 3859) from redundant 35t tank wagon chassis.  The wagons were given TOPS code MTV and numbered B390000-390149 for revenue use in carrying sand and aggregates, later they were also used to carry salt, plate iron and scrap.  During the late 1980s some of the MTVs started to be transferred to departmental use as ZKV Zander wagons and by 1990 all were out of revenue use.  Some of the engineers wagons received a yellow stripe around the top of the wagon while others had full repaints into "Dutch" grey/yellow livery and a few were even branded for "Mainline" prior to the privatisation of Trainload Freight (into what became EWS).  As ZKV Zanders they continued to see use on engineers trains well into the late 1990s.

Don't forget to get your pre orders for the previously announced range of N Gauge Class B Tanks

N Gauge 35T Class B Tanks



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