New Rapido Trains UK Wagon Announcements!

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New Rapido Trains UK
Wagon Announcements!

2 NEW Ranges in OO Gauge

Further announcements from Rapido UK today with two new wagons ranges added to their ever growing collection of models. Newly tooled GWR 'Iron Mink' vans one of the Great Western Railway’s most recognisable goods vehicles have been added with a total of thirteen wagons included. This is another UK-designed product and our designers have been able to include all key detail variations.

Also announced today is a batch of eight of GWR Dia. O21 open wagons. These wagons used the same underframe and were one of the GWR’s most common open wagon. To give you an idea of how many were built, when the Board of Trade ‘Either Side’ brake regulations came into force in 1927, the GWR still had nearly 19,000 of these wagons on its books.

Pre order these wagons today using the below links, priced at £27.95 these are sure to sell fast as with Rapido other recent wagon releases. Expect these to be released Q4 2022.

OO Gauge GWR Diagram O21 Open Wagons


OO Gauge GWR ‘Iron Mink’ Van


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