New Hornby Arrivals for March 2024

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Hornby have provided details of their upcoming items for release between Monday 4th March and Friday 24th March 2024!


Two new versions of this classic DMU are expected to arrive covering a standard Class 101 in the eye-catching Strathclyde PTE orange & black colour scheme as well as a later-modified Class 960 unit in Network Rail yellow.

Products Expected:

£121.49 (2-car set)

RRP: £134.99

Product Features:

  • Robust Railroad+ range tooling with separate exhausts and gangways
  • Intricate livery application and printing
  • Detailed coach interiors
  • Low profile 3-pole motor
  • Digital capability - 8-pin socket
  • Fixed tension lock couplings



Returning to the range by popular demand, now as a single locomotive rather than a pack is the Liverpool & Manchester Railway "Tiger" loco. Complete in L&MR green with black firebox.

Alternatively, we currently also have a train pack in stock which comes complete with 3 coal wagons for £179.95.


RRP: £139.99

Product Features:

  • Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts including chimney, pipework, bufferbeam details, backhead & tender detail and more
  • Digital capability - NEXT-18 pin socket with factory fitted speaker
  • 3-pole motor
  • Chain link couplings - perfect to couple up to Hornby's L&MR rolling stock
  • Pre-painted crew figures included



With the Intercity Executive liveried HST pack due to arrive imminently, Hornby have advised that even more HSTs are on the horizon! Choose from either BR blue/ grey or GWR green variations. Both will be available with or without Hornby's Triplex digital sound system.

Products Expected:

£197.99 (£296.99 with Triplex Sound)

RRP: £219.99 / £329.99

Product Features:

  • Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts including handrails, etched grilles, underframe parts and more
  • Accurate tooling variations for different coach types
  • 5-pole skew-wound motor
  • Digital capability - NEXT-18 socket
  • Independent directional lighting
  • Detailed interiors
  • Standard TT:120 couplings

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