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A pair of new releases arriving into stock from Hornby.

In TT:120 range we have received The Easterner Train Set.

Order now for £175.49

While train travel may have become more standardised in the BR era, this did not dampen the majesty of a steam hauled service. This set includes the 4-6-2 LNER A4 locomotive, the fastest steam locomotive in the world as it could be seen in BR days, without perhaps its most iconic colour scheme but with some very complimentary BR Maroon Mark 1 coaches.

This set contains a starter oval of track and a siding providing a good size layout for you to get started. This included circuit can be expanded with our easy to add track extension packs.
Train Set includes:

1 x Locomotive A4 'William Whitelaw'
3x Coaches BR Maroon MK1
1x Transformer
1x Controller
1x Rerailer
1x 3rd Radius Starter Oval with Track Pack 1

Also arriving in OO Gauge Class 67 Transport for Wales Bo-Bo 67014 Diesel Locomotive

Order Now for £174.59 (RRP £193.99)

A total of thirty Class 67 locomotives were built between 1999 and 2000 by Alstom, in Spain, for English, Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS). These Bo-Bo configured diesel electric locomotives have a large fuel capacity, electro-pneumatic brakes and a top speed of 125mph (200km/h).

The bodyshell is a monocoque load bearing Alstom design, whilst the bogies, also designed by Alstom, are of an 'H' frame design. The engine, traction motors and control electronics are the same as those used in the Class 66, but differ in that the traction motors are frame mounted, rather than axle hung, to reduce unsprung mass. The gear ratios have also been increased, allowing higher speeds and the cab is designed around a central driving position. The Class 67 locomotives are able to supply electric head-end power for passenger train heating and air-conditioning and are equipped for buffer and screw coupling, as well as also coupling via a buckeye coupler, attached on a swing arm mount. Locomotive number 67014 was built in March 2000 for EWS.

In 2008 the locomotive was repainted silver and grey and operated for Wrexham & Shropshire under the name 'Thomas Telford'. The locomotive also operated Chiltern Railways services before eventually being repainted into its current Transport for Wales livery and preforming services hauling a rake of Mk4 coaches.

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