NEW Dapol OO Gauge Banana Vans

Posted by Warren Bennett on

We've just received a nice selection of Dapol OO Gauge Banana Van's. Ten versions received in total, five pristine and five weathered! 

Pristine wagons priced at £9.80 (RRP £11.53)

Weathered wagons priced at £10.74 (RRP £12.64)

Check them out below:

Banana Van Fyffes Bauxite B881945 (Pristine & Weathered)

Banana Van Fyffes Bauxite B882143 (Pristine & Weathered)

Banana Van BR Red B881727 (Pristine & Weathered)

Banana Van NE 158621 (Pristine & Weathered)

Banana Van GWR 95446 (Pristine & Weathered)


To meet the rapid rise in demand for bananas shipped in from the Caribbean, especially constructed steam heated banana vans were manufactured with plywood cladding and insulated bodies that allowed bananas to be shipped in green and ripened en-route.

The Dapol model of the banana van is of a later 1950’s built variant that was steam piped allowing the easy running of interconnected block trains.


  • Highly detailed moulded body
  • Self-centring NEM pockets
  • Profiled wheels
  • Fine printed livery


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