NEW Dapol OO Gauge Autocoaches

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Further new announcements from Dapol this weekend. 

In OO Gauge Dapol have plans to produce brand new Autocoaches., seven versions available DCC Ready, DCC Fitted and DCC Sound.


Seven versions in total, pricing below:

DCC Ready - £68.00 (RRP £80.00)

DCC Fitted - £97.75 (RRP £115.00)

DCC Sound - £165.75 (RRP £195.00)

Proposed Liveries

  • 4P-004-001   -   Autocoach GWR 37 Lined Crimson Lake 
  • 4P-004-002   -   Autocoach GWR 40 Lined Chocolate & Cream 
  • 4P-004-003   -   Autocoach GWR Twin Cities Crest 41 Chocolate & Cream 
  • 4P-004-004   -   Autocoach GWR Shirt Button 39 Chocolate & Cream 
  • 4P-004-005   -   Autocoach BR W37W Carmine & Cream 
  • 4P-004-006   -   Autocaoch BR W36 Crimson 
  • 4P-004-007   -   Autocoach BR W38 Maroon   


  • Finely moulded bogie frames with NEM profile wheels        
  • Superbly detailed body with many separately added parts             
  • Sprung Metal Buffers             
  • Removable roof for easy insertion of crew and passengers       
  • Expertly applied livery        
  • Working interior lights DCC and DCC Sound Fitted option available 


Our model is based on the six coaches numbered 36 to 41 constructed during 1907 under Lot 1126 to Diagram ‘N ’. All were built new as driving trailers and not later conversions from old steam rail motors. They were used on branch lines from Cornwall to Wales and retained their gas lighting until withdrawn, the first in 1956, the last in November 1957. Number 38 is preserved on the Telford Steam Railway  as pictured above.


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