🎛️ New Rails Connect 6-Pin Nano Decoder In Stock

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Elevate your model railway setup with the advanced capabilities of our Rails Connect digital decoders, produced in partnership with DCC Concepts

Designed for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to DCC, these decoders offer unparalleled control over your locomotives. 

Use our decoders to experience flawless operation, realistic soundscapes, and sophisticated lighting effects that bring your layout to life. 

Compatible with a wide range of DCC controllers, Rails Connect decoders ensure seamless integration and straightforward installation. Whether you're fine-tuning speed settings or synchronizing complex functions, these decoders provide the reliability and performance you need. 

Upgrade your railway experience today with the cutting-edge technology of Rails Connect digital decoders.

New Additions to the Range

In Stock

Decoder : RoS-6PN features:

  • 6-PIN Harness
  • 1.1 Amps Peak Power
  • 2 Functions at 100mA Each
  • Nano Size - 8.3mm x 10mm
  • Advanced Brown-Out Protection

Ideal for:

  • 6-PIN DCC-Ready N/OO/HO Locomotives


Length - 10mm Width - 8.3mm Thickness - 2.3mm

View the full User Manual and CV Guide HERE 

Due Soon

Decoder : RoS-Px22.6 features:

  • Plux-22 Direct Connection
  • 1.1 Amps Peak Power (750mA Continuous)
  • 6 Functions at 100mA Each
  • 22mm x 16mm (TBC)
  • Advanced Brown-Out Protection

Ideal for:

  • Plux-22 DCC-Ready OO/HO Locomotives


Length - 23mm Width - 11mm Thickness - 4mm (TBC)

View the full User Manual and CV Guide HERE 

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