Model Rail Scotland 2022

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At the Model Rail Scotland 2022 show (February 25-27) Hornby Magazine caught up with some key manufacturers, with some key updates from the below manufacturers:

Key updates with estimated ETAs and decorated samples on show (which can be viewed in the video) for much of the forthcoming range of models including Class 55 Deltics, Class 92, Class 37, Manor Class, MK2b coaches, HYA hoppers, Chaldron wagons and the recently announced Class 31 range.

Accurascale will of course provide further updates on all these models in the coming months, keep an eye on our website www.railsofsheffield and our Facebook page for more updates as and when they come through!

To view the above ranges on our website, check out the Accurascale section of our website HERE

Heljan also provided updates and decorated samples on a good portion of the range with further info on the recently announced range of 10800 locomotives. Samples shown off for the Class 37, Class 26, Class 02, Class 37/4, Class 56 and the recently released Class 50 range, particularly the beautiful "Thunderer" Hanson & Hall model.

To view the above ranges on our website, check out the Heljan section of our website HERE

Finally from Cavalex updates have a number of future models. Firstly the recently released BBA/BLA include Rails own versions, many of which are running with very low stock. 

With forthcoming models there was further news on the OO Gauge Class 56 with first EP samples expected in April. The TEA wagons are expected to be the next range released within the next few months with Cavalex providing further images of the models from the show on the Cavalex website.

And finally the N Gauge PGA hoppers wagon were displayed with further final livery samples expected over the coming months before the release hopefully in Q3 2022

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