Locomotive Wiring Bundle Pack

Posted by Warren Bennett on

DCC Concepts releasing a new Locomotive Wiring Bundle Pack


Stock due soon available at £29.95, the combined RRP of this pack is £60.40, saving 50%!

It's often difficult to find all the colours of wire you need for locomotive wiring - or a range of colours so you can easily identify power circuits on your layout. This pack gives you everything you need!

The pack contains 6m of 32 gauge wire in each of the NMRA wiring colours (black, red, grey, orange, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, brown and pink). Using the right gauge of wire makes any installation neater, tidier, better organised and look far more professional - greatly increasing reliability and giving the satisfaction of a job well done!

You will also get a pair of our amazing fine wire strippers - the best there are and the ultimate stripper for fine work! The locking adjustment lets you set them in any position so you are guaranteed to strip only the insulation, not the core! Adjustment is so fine you can take the strip size as high as 3mm, or as low as 0.1mm!

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