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The latest Lionheart Trains O-16.5 locomotive decorated samples were present at the show and received a lot of praise from the people who visited the stand. Both the locos and the coaching stock decorations are finished to an extremely high standard. A sample of each locomotive along with one of each livery/coach body type was available to view and are shown below in a series of photographs below.

Prices as follows

DCC Ready - £297.50 (£350.00)

DCC Fitted -  £327.50 (£385.00)

DCC Sound - £425.00 (RRP £500.00)





Proposed Models & RRP

Lionheart Trains is proposing to make six locomotive models in the first production run, these are listed below


LHT-7NS-001                EXE As Delivered 1898 (Early Cab)
LHT-7NS-002                YEO Lynton & Barnstaple Livery 1903-1913 (Early Cab)
LHT-7NS-003                TAW Lynton & Barnstaple Livery 1913-1924 (Late Cab)
LHT-7NS-004                EXE Southern Livery 1924-1927 (Late Cab)
LHT-7NS-005                YEO Southern Livery 1927-1929 (late Cab)
LHT-7NS-006                TAW Southern Livery 1930-1931 (late Cab)

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