🚂 Hornby New Tool Black 5 In Stock Now

Posted by Jack Morgan on

The wait is over! Hornby's newly tooled LMS Stanier 5MT 'Black 5' 4-6-0 has now arrived in stock - complete in this gorgeous LMS lined black colour scheme. Additional variations are expected later in 2024 covering BR liveries - one even includes a steam generator!

In Stock Now

Future Releases

Product Features:

All new tooling

Highly detailed model with separately handrails, nameplates, pipework, headlamp, safety valve, whistle and much more

Digital & Sound capability - 21-pin socket

Provision for a steam generator

Flickering firebox glow effect & lit head code lamps

Accessory pack with additional lamps

Intricate livery application & printing

Metal sprung buffers

NEM tension lock couplings

Prototype Information

The "Black Five" was arguably one of the most successful mixed traffic steam locomotives. Designed by Stanier, they were described as the "go-anywhere, do-anything" locomotive and a whopping 842 were built between 1934 and 1951. Used widely across the network, the class saw usage by the LMS, in World War II and then by British Railways, with some remaining in service until the very end of BR steam in 1968. 18 Black Fives survived into preservation.

 (Information via Wikipedia) 

Image via Charlie Jackson

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