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Heljan are producing a retooled and upgraded version of their hugely popular OO gauge Class 26 diesel locomotive. A wide variety of new releases are expected in Q3 2024 catering for BR green, BR blue, Railfreight and Civil Engineers examples with many detail and livery variations.

The specification on these models has been significantly upgraded over previous releases with the provision for new tooling differences and minor detail alterations, improved shape & details, new chassis and DCC socket and much more detailed below.

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Product Features:

Highly detailed model with many separate parts including handrails, pipework, underframe relief, fans, windscreen wipers, etched grilles, sprung buffers and much more

Digital & Sound capable - 21-pin socket with factory fitted speakers - designed for 'plug&play' conversion to DCC Sound - socket accessed via detachable roof panel

Retooled models feature refined shape and body details with improved bogie relief too

5-pole motor with flywheel, all-wheel drive and pickups

Enhanced lighting features - separately switchable marker, tail, cab and engine room lights (as well as twin 'car style' headlights on Far North locos)

Accessory pack with optional tablet catcher arm and three-piece miniature snowploughs

Tooling covers 'as-built' 26/1 with tablet catcher & recess, unrefurbished locos with plated over recess and refurbished locos with air tank cradle between bogies

Enhanced decoration with additional printed elements on the body and under frame

NEM tension lock couplings

Prototype Information

The fleet of Class 26 locomotives were produced as part of the pilot scheme for BR’s modernisation plan. BR required a large number of small diesels in the 800 to 1,250hp range and the Class 26s were one such of these designs. The initial batch of 26/0 locos were evaluated in London on a variety of duties, including commuter services from Kings Cross. 

The second batch of 26/1 locos were appointed to the Scottish region and by the mid-1960s it was decided to move the entire Class 26 fleet for use in Scotland exclusively. Like other Type 2s, the 26s were “maids of all work” in the 60s and 70s and could be seen on a huge variety of duties. 

( Information provided by Wikipedia )

Image via Phil Richards

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