Heljan O Gauge Saloon Coaches

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News on the Heljan O Gauge Saloon coaches are now at a tooling stage. CAD has been completed and the tools are now being designed ready for the first engineering prototypes. Final models expected in 2023.


As the images demonstrate, this model will feature a superbly detailed interior, underframe and bogies, including many fine details - right down to the umbrella stands in the corridor!
Models will be available with a range of detail combinations, ranging from original LMS condition to BR vehicles with roof-mounted horns and ETH equipment. Most will feature the newly-designed LMS bogies, but the ScotRail saloon will ride on our existing B4 bogies.
In a change to the previously announced specification, the saloon has been designed to accept the easy-fit LED interior lighting bar.
The detachable roof, held in place with strong magnets, can simply be removed and the light bar dropped into place so that models can be fitted with lights in just a few seconds.
12 models being produced as part of this batch with final prices to confirm in the near future:
LMS Inspection Saloons - Batch 1
#9100 LMS crimson (black ends)
#9101 BR crimson/cream (black ends)
#9102 BR lined maroon (black ends)
#9103 BR blue (yellow ends)
#9104 BR blue/grey
#9105 InterCity 'Swift'
#9106 ScotRail DM45020 (B4 bogies)
#9107 LMS crimson (yellow ends)
#9108 Loadhaul black/orange
#9109 EWS red/gold
#9110 Regional Railways
#9111 BR crimson/cream (yellow ends)

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