Heljan O Gauge Class 73 Artwork!

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Heljan have provided livery artwork for the forthcoming range of O Gauge Class 73 models. 

15 vibrant models are due in this range, with prices starting at £636.65 with FREE UK POSTAGE!


With more than 550 separate parts, advanced lighting features, plug-and-play DCC capability, twin 5-pole motors with flywheels and a host of other features these 'EDs' will be our most sophisticated O gauge model to date. They even have flashing LEDs in the bogie frames, allowing DCC users to replicate the characteristic electric arc 'flash' when running on third-rail power! Look out for more updates soon on these world-class O gauge models.

Gaugemaster are also bringing out a Class 73 as part of the Collection range Class 73 101 'The Royal Alex' Pullman Brown/Cream!

You can pre order this model below:




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