Heljan O Gauge Class 56 Due This Week!

Posted by Warren Bennett on

We are expecting the Heljan O Gauge Class 56 locomotives later this week!


Ten versions expected covering a wide variety of liveries!

Prices starting at £594.15 with FREE UK SHIPPING on all models.

5600 Class 56 BR Blue Heavy Freight
5601 Class 56 BR Blue Large Logo Heavy Freight
5602 Class 56 Railfreight Large Logo Grey Heavy Freight
5603 Class 56 Railfreight 'Red Stripe' Grey Heavy Freight
5604 Class 56 Railfreight Three-Tone Grey Unbranded Heavy Freight
5605 Class 56 101 Railfreight Coal Sector Mutual Improvement Heavy Freight (Weathered)
5606 Class 56 110 'Craft' Railfreight Construction Sector Heavy Freight
5607 Class 56 Loadhaul Black/Orange Heavy Freight
5608 Class 56 BR Large Logo Blue 56099 'Tinsley embellishments'
5609 Class 56 071 BR Blue

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