Heljan O Gauge Class 27

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Heljan are expecting the O gauge BRCW Type 2 Class 27 to arrive before the end of 2022.

Pre Order prices started £551.65 (RRP starts at £649.00)

Production is now almost complete and the models will be shipped from the factory shortly.
Eight versions are incoming covering BR green and BR blue variants from the 1960s to late-1980s. Variations within the production include two types of bogie footsteps (with original extended top step or parallel sided), locomotives with or without steam heat boilers and their associated roof grilles and water tanks and vacuum or dual braked variants.
A wealth of fine detail includes superb cab interiors, carefully designed bogies and underframe parts, etched grilles, wire handrails and a removable engine room window on each side as per the prototype. Standard features include plug-and-play DCC capability using the ESU LokSound XL pin decoder, provision for a smoke unit, separately switchable cab, tail and engine room lights in DC and DCC modes, illuminated headcode panels and a heavy duty all-wheel drive chassis with twin 5-pole motors and flywheels.
HELJAN O Gauge Class 27s
#2770 BR green with small yellow panels unnumbered
#2771 BR green 5370 with full yellow ends WEATHERED
#2772 BR green with cream waistband & full yellow ends unnumbered
#2773 BR Rail Blue with full yellow ends unnumbered (1970s)
#2774 BR Rail Blue with full yellow ends unnumbered (1980s)
#2775 BR two-tone green D5382 with small yellow panels
#2776 BR Blue D5389 with small yellow panels
#2777 BR Rail Blue 27032 with Inverness Stag logos WEATHERED

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