Heljan O Gauge Class 27

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After yesterdays Class 26 update Heljan have released the first factory decorated sample images of the O Gauge Class 27s due for release Q3 2022.


Prices start at £509.15 with FREE UK SHIPPING!
No fewer than eight versions are in preparation, covering BR green and BR blue variants from the 1960s to late-1980s. Variations within the production include two types of bogie footsteps (with original extended top step or parallel sided), locomotives with or without steam heat boilers and their associated roof grilles and water tanks, two designs of windscreen wipers and vacuum or dual braked variants.
#2770 BR green with small yellow panels
#2771 BR green 5370 full yellow ends WEATHERED
#2772 BR green with cream waistband/yellow ends
#2773 BR Blue with full yellow ends (1970s)
#2774 BR Blue with full yellow ends (1980s)
#2775 BR two-tone green D5382 small yellow panels
#2776 BR Blue D5389 small yellow panels
#2777 BR Blue 27032 with Highland Stags WEATHERED

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