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Heljan are producing a newly tooled range of Class 153 single-car diesel multiple units in O gauge! Pushing O gauge into the 1990s and towards the modern day, these new models will feature an incredible specification with beautiful detailing and many advanced lighting features for excellent 'play value'!

We recently got to take an exclusive look at the first engineering samples for the new range, pictures of which you can see here! Heljan have now also revealed artwork images for much of the range, giving you a better idea of how the final liveries will look.

These new Class 153s are currently slated for release during Q4 2024. Please note that the samples shown here are pre-production and may be subject to changes.

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Livery Artwork Images

Product Features:

Highly detailed model with many separate parts including gangway connectors, NRN pods, wipers, footsteps, vents and much more

Fully detailed interior with seating, tables , partitions, cab detail and more

Powerful & reliable low-profile motor powering one bogie - with all-wheel pickups

Digital & Sound capability - ESU XL socket with factory fitted speaker

Eight separate lighting functions for saloon interior & cab lights, head & tail lights with day/night modes, illuminated destination blinds, bodyside door lock indicators and illuminated door buttons

Detachable working BSI auto-couplers or optional magnetic coupling bars

Detachable snowploughs

Authentic tooling variations including original/ revised headlight units and underfloor radiator grille meshes

Factory sound fitted models available

Prototype Information

The British Rail Class 153 "Super Sprinters" are single-coach railcars, converted from existing two-car Class 155 diesel multiple units. They were intended for use on rural and lesser used branch lines where passenger numbers do not justify longer trains, or to boost the capacity on trains to enable higher passenger volumes than a single two-car unit.

Image via Rept0n1x

Having been converted from existing 155s, the 153s feature an unusual smaller cab at one end, giving the vehicle an asymmetrical look. When working in multiple this end of the vehicle is often not on the leading end of the train. The fleet have seen use with all manner of operators across most of England, Wales and now Scotland. 

ScotRail currently use some of the fleet as "Active Travel Carriages" providing more space for bicycles and leisure equipment on their highland services - for this purpose they have been refitted with a different interior layout.

(Information provided via Wikipedia) 

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