Heljan Class 37 Centre Headcode

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Heljan's Class 37/0 Centre Headcode

With a redesigned, improved body and 'next generation' chassis featuring our new plug-and-play DCC interface, these models take our EE Type 3 to new heights.
Depicting post-1970s locomotives with cutaway bufferbeam cowlings, this latest variant opens up a wide range of possibilities for new liveries and variants, including locomotives with cast or fabricated bogies, plated headcode panels, HI headlights, NRN radio aerials and with/without WR headboard clips.
Other improvements include separately controlled cab and engine room lighting. independent tail lights and headlights, sharper grille detail and improved body detail.
The previously announced split headcode Class 37/0s will be released first, with details of the centre headcode releases / liveries to follow later. Look out for more details soon!
To view the split headcode versions CLICK HERE

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