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The newly tooled range of N gauge 14 ton and 20 ton 'Anchor Mounted' tank wagons from Graham Farish have now arrived in stock! A multitude of models are available covering much of the lifespan of these well travelled fuel carriers in various liveries. Multiple running numbers for each livery are available to help you build a larger rake.

In Stock Now

Product Features

Highly detailed models with separately fitted parts

Accurate tooling variations

Intricate livery application and printing

NEM standard N gauge couplings

Prototype Information

In 1944, a new specification of 4-wheel tank wagon was agreed upon between private operators, the Petroleum board and British Railways. This new 14 ton design differed from the original 1927 vehicle by abandoning the use of saddle and cradle timbers as well as the end stanchions. The tank was instead attached to the chassis using an anchor mechanism composed of a central steel anchor of riveted or welded construction that was attached to the underframe.

Image by Dan Adkins

A change also took place with the drawgear, in order to eliminate the use of drawgear cradles which were difficult to maintain. The drawgear springs were placed behind each headstock and this design became known as short drawgear. Charles Roberts was one builder of vehicles of this type using mild steel welded barrel. The majority were built in 1949 and into the early 1950s with Class B tanks being the predominant type. They remained in service up to the early 1970s. A few examples made it into preservation along with several of the larger 20 ton version.

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