Gaugemaster Prodigy Wifi Receiver

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Due back in soon from Gaugemaster after being out of stock since last year is the DCC05 Prodigy Wifi Receiver, priced at £96.00 (saving 20% off the RRP £120.00.



This unit can be used with multiple gauges including N, OO and O.

The DCC05 Prodigy WiFi receiver gives Android and iOS users the option to operate their Prodigy system with a smartphone or tablet. This means you have greater flexibility to control your layout, both alone and with multiple controllers.
The Prodigy WiFi is compatible with the JMRI Engine Driver (Android) and WiThrottle (iOS) apps. Versions of both apps are free to download, so you can download the relevant app before-hand to take a look at how it works.
The Apps are for operating the layout and accessories but do not allow reading or programming, so keep your original handset safe. You can also use your handset and WiFi devices together, simply remember to set the Cab number higher than your last handset number.

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