👀 Exclusive Revolution CBD90 Decorated Samples Revealed

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Revolution CBD90
Revolution CBD90
Revolution CBD90
Revolution CBD90
Revolution CBD90
Revolution CBD90

In conjunction with our friends at Revolution Trains, we are excited to be working on a newly tooled range of OO gauge locomotives depicting the innovative Clayton CBD80 & CBD90 hybrid battery-diesel shunting locomotives (collectively known as the Class 18).

Our high specification range of models will cover these innovative hybrids in a range of Beacon Rail and Tata Steel colour schemes, depicting usage at a variety of industrial sites. 

We recently had the chance to closely inspect the first decorated samples for the project and we're sure you'll agree that these are shaping up very nicely indeed. Note the different tooling variations between each locomotive and the wealth of separately applied details present, some of which are very small indeed!

The final models are currently expected to arrive between Q4 2024 and Q1 2025.

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Running Samples Preview

See some quick short videos of these fascinating new locomotives in action below!

Project Launch Video

Product Features

Injection moulded plastic body and bogies with many detailing parts. Where appropriate grilles to be photo-etched and handrails/piping/windscreen wipers to be wire, photo-etched or very fine plastic.

Heavy cast metal chassis/footplate block.

Power pick-up on all wheels.

Designed to allow simple conversion to EM/P4 standards.

Couplers to be mounted in NEM 362 sockets with kinematic close-coupling system. Models to be supplied with functional tension lock couplers at both ends using slot in removable end buffing plate. 

Painted full buffing plate with realistic cosmetic coupler hook and shackle to be supplied in an accessory pack for customers to fit.

Chassis incorporates smooth, 5-pole 12V DC motor and high quality with metal gear boxes and brass axles bearings. 

High quality PCB to incorporate 21-pin DCC interface with Stay-Alive and Anti-Flicker.

Working forward cab and bufferbeam white headlights, red tail lights and where appropriate solid or flashing warning lights. Lighting to be switchable, and capable of full prototypical configurations under DCC control. Lighting to use bright white or coloured LEDs as appropriate.

Detailed, painted cab interior and switchable interior cab lighting.

Softly sprung buffers

A DCC sound project has been recorded by Legomanbiffo