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The full suite of decorated samples for our all-new range of OO gauge Class 88 locomotives have now arrived for review!

These incredible new models are being produced exclusively for Rails by Dapol, with four variations available to pre-order now in a selection of Direct Rail Services guises, including a striking 'Refrigerated Rail' wrap livery.

There are some minor areas that require adjustment but overall we are incredibly pleased with how these are progressing so far, and we hope you agree!

This all-new range is currently due for release in Q3 2024. Please stay tuned for further updates!

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Images & Video

Standard DRS 'Compass' liveries

DRS 'Refrigerated Rail' livery

Product Features:

Finely moulded body with many separately fitted fine details

Authentic liveries

Printed nameplates with etched plates supplied separately - where appropriate

Sprung buffers

Heavy Diecast chassis and all wheel pick up and all-wheel drive

Smooth 5-pole motor with twin flywheels

Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring 

NEM coupling pockets as standard 

Latest Plux22 decoder socket

Comprehensive lighting package with white marker/headlights, red tail lights, Halo lights (DCC only), Cab lights

Lighting independently controllable in DCC and switchable in DC

Servo controlled pantograph (DCC only) (Pantograph posable in DC)

Factory DCC fitted options

Sound-fitted option using authentic sounds obtained with cooperation from DRS

Both electric and diesel sounds, switchable by function key

Prototype Information

The British Rail Class 88 is a type of mainline mixed traffic electro-diesel locomotive manufactured by Stadler Rail for Direct Rail Services (DRS) in the United Kingdom. The locomotive is part of the Stadler Euro Dual family.

Image by Clagmaster

It is the first dual-mode locomotive in the UK to use the 25 kV AC electrification. Amid the fulfillment of DRS' order for the Class 68, Stadler's team proposed the development of a dual-mode locomotive that could be alternatively powered by an onboard diesel engine or via electricity supplied from overhead lines (OHLE). Having been impressed by the concept, DRS opted to place an order for ten Class 88s during September 2013. 

Having been developed alongside the Class 68, considerable similarities are shared between the two locomotives, amounting to roughly 70 percent of all components being shared. Primarily, the type has been used by DRS to haul freight using electric locomotives without the need to hire in electric traction from other operators. As with the Class 68, they are also capable of operating passenger trains. Even prior to the type entering service, it was decided that the first duty of DRS' Class 88 fleet would be the contracted services between Daventry and Mossend on behalf of the supermarket chain Tesco.

(Information provided via Wikipedia) 

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