Exclusive Fisherman's Friend Van

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"Fisherman's Friend" OO Gauge Vent Van

Complete with Packet of Original Menthol & Eucalyptus Flavour Lozenges

Highly limited, Grab one while you can!




Big things often have small beginnings. Today, Fisherman’s Friend is a world famous brand. But it all started in Fleetwood, a small coastal town in northwest England. The year was 1865, the idea was amazing and the success that followed over the years was breathtaking.

It all began with three scratchy throats…

James Lofthouse, a pharmacist from the small port town of Fleetwood in northwest England, was talking to three deep-sea fishermen one evening in November and they told him about their catch of the day. Or rather they tried to, because all three could hardly say a word. Instead of amusing tales from the high Seas, all he heard was a croak. This gave him an idea ...

The next day he presented the three fishermen with a mixture of liquorice, eucalyptus and menthol - carefully packed into three small bottles. The fishermen were thrilled - and from then on everyone could actually understand their stories again. And yes, you read that correctly, Fisherman's Friend was originally liquid - but since not only the throats were rough, but also the sea, they often broke.

But James had another brilliant idea:
He thickened the tincture and made handy little lozenges out of it.
Fisherman's Friend in its legendary form was born and a breathtaking success story would begin...

Read more about the history at fishermansfriend.com.

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