DCC Concepts Servicing Cradle

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The DCC Concepts Loco Servicing Cradle is available in 4 lengths to be the perfect size for any of your fleet of locomotives. Suitable for OO, HO, EM, P4 and S4 scale models and are incredibly good value!


Introducing the DCCconcepts Locomotive Servicing Cradle...

DCCconcepts Servicing Cradles are the best way to protect your locos whilst performing essential maintenance such as applying lubricants or cleaning wheels. Don’t tip your loco upside-down on the workbench, risking fine detail damage – just use our handy Servicing Cradle!

Your locomotives need care and attention. Whether to ensure smooth running and good operation, or to protect your investment, your fleet needs maintenance. Servicing, wheel cleaning, lubrication, pick-up alignment… 

Your collection needs your constant attention, but great care is always needed - even more so with today’s more delicate, highly detailed models.

Nearly every time you perform maintenance, you need to turn the locomotive over, especially when access to the under-body screws is needed.

Picking up your locomotive AND supporting it whilst it is upside down can be precarious - with permanently connected tenders, fine detail and maybe careful weathering which you don’t want to disturb. Damage is easily caused when precious models are upside-down on a workbench, held up by a track rubber and a spare bit of wood. We have all been there!

Why the DCCconcepts Servicing Cradle?

Of course - other cradles are available… ...but none are as robust or as versatile as ours. Cradles made of soft, open-cell foam may damage small details which can be caught in the foam. They can also not be used to pick up the locomotive, or reposition it on your workbench. Others are made of quality materials, but are too shallow to be used to collect and transport your locomotives.


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