DCC Concepts ESP Range

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DCC Concepts recently revealed the revolutionary wireless system ESP®. Interest has been high so far with many modellers seeing this as a great new addition to there layouts! Delivery of this range is expected in the next few weeks.

Pre orders can be placed HERE

A video explaining by DCC Concepts Richard Brighton can be viewed here: 

No wires. No effort. No problems!

When DCC Concepts created the Cobalt Alpha range, they reduced the number of wires between the average layout and control panel with LED indicators or feedback by considerably more than 100 and reduced the need for connecting and soldering wires between panel and layout to almost zero. With the release of ESP®. It can now really be zero!
- No long wires, no soldering, no complications
- Usable in any scale
- Totally universal and exceptionally simple interface
- Allows anything to communicate, command or report to anything
- Seamlessly useable with any DCC brand
- Simple to install on DCC, DC or AC powered layouts
- Equally comfortable on shunting planks and super-layouts
- Zero dependence on local Wi-Fi networks
- No complexity, routers, passwords or other arcane digital nonsense, but totally secure
- Absolutely zero interference between layouts at exhibitions
- Incredibly long communication range… ...even through walls!

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