Dapol O Gauge Stroudley 4 Wheel Coaches

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As part of Dapol's "Continue to Invest in UK Production" update (which can be viewed HERE) there is a update on the O Gauge range of Stroudley 4 Wheel Coaches!

Check out the range here:

Dapol have said:
The Stroudley coaches represent a step up in model complexity for our UK production team. There are approximately 100 individual components that have to be assembled on every model. These models will also be the first we produce in the UK with electronic components incorporated in them in a very long time.
The photographs below are images of our first attempts at construction using test shots produced on Dapol’s behalf by the tooling manufacturer and our first attempt at decoration can also be seen.
The undecorated model is an example of the most complicated version of the coaches and the decorated one is of simpler construction that we put together earlier to start learning the decoration process. The decoration of the mahogany livery coaches is extremely complicated, but we are very pleased with the results so far. We will keep you up to date on this project when we have more news.

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