Dapol O Gauge Bogie Bolster

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Dapol O Gauge Bogie Bolster

Expected Q2 2022

•Available to Pre Order!•


Yesterday it was OO Gauge, today it's O Gauge, more info below:
Specification & Background
The ‘Bogie Bolster E’ was the last of a new design built for British Railways and built before the introduction of air-braked types. It was the smallest of the standard Bogie Bolsters and 1,200 were built to diagram No. 1/479 with a carrying capacity of 30 tons.
Versions expected below:
7F-061-007 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E B923661 Steam Bauxite
7F-061-008 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E B924386 Steam Bauxite
7F-061-009 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E B923504 Steam Bauxite
7F-061-010 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E W1413DL Steam Bauxite
7F-061-011 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E W1460DL Steam Bauxite
7F-061-012 - Bogie Bolster Wagon E W3613DL Steam Bauxite
General Spec:
- Minimum 2nd radius (438mm /17 & ¼ inch) curve
- Plastic body and underframe detail
- Diecast chassis
- Bogies made from separate metal parts
- Spring buffers
- Pin-point axles
- O Gauge Society Standard wheel profile
- Fully detailed body / deck
- Movable / posable bolsters fitted
- Movable / posable stanchions supplied in detail bag
- Separately fitted metal tie down rings
- Finely moulded and etched stainless steel detail where applicable
- Separate handrails, end steps and lamp brackets
- Highly detailed underframe with correct profiled bracing
- Highly detailed bogies made from separate metal parts
- All buffer beam accessories fitted

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