Dapol New Class 21 & Class 29s

Posted by Oliver Davies on

Dapol have today announced that they are producing a new batch of the popular OO Gauge Class 21 and Class 29 Locomotives.

The Dapol Class 21/29 features:

  • Detailed body with etched grilles and separately fitted handrails

  • Finely detailed cast wheels

  • Metal sprung buffers

  • 5 pole Super creep motor with twin brass fly wheels for controlled pulling power and incredible slow running speed

  • All wheel drive and pick up

  • Independent directional and cab lighting

  • DCC Ready with provision of an MTC 21 pin socket

  • Accessory bag with optional fitted components

Expected Q3 /Q4 2022

The models are available to pre-order now.


The BR Class 29 is a type of Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive designed for both freight and passenger use. Although outwardly similar to the Class 22, they actually share no mechanical parts and in fact were a modified Class 21 with a replacement Paxman engine with improvements to power output. These modifications were carried out between 1963 and 1965 mainly at the Polmadie Traction & Rolling Stock Depot in Glasgow. After the rebuild, the locomotives returned to Scottish duties until their withdrawal in 1971. No Class 29 locomotives survive preservation. Dapol have managed to provide for the Class 21 also in the tooling and this will be made concurrently with the Class 29.

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