Dapol Announce New SR 12T van

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Dapol have announced three new sets of O Gauge Wagons at this past weekends Severn Valley Railway O Gauge Get Together. These include the Great  Western ‘MOGO’, the SR 12T van and the Great Western Railway and the Great Western Toad Brake Van. Check out the SR 12T van below:

Southern Railway 12T Van

This is the standard Southern Railway goods van with a 10 foot wheelbase and distinctive elliptical roof. About 1000 fitted vans were built 1936-38 with even planked sides, the SR later built uneven planked versions as well as Ply sided vans later in their construction history. Dapol will be making the even planked version of these vans.  


7F-069-001 Southern Railway 12T Van Grey 48977
7F-069-002 Southern Railway 12T Van ‘Parto’ 549091

Expected Q2 2023 - £43.69 (RRP £51.40)

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